This is a sample team practice plan designed for a 120-minute session. This is provided as an example of how you can structure a practice to prepare for a competition. In this case, you would select a past Math Is Cool year (like 2018-2019 6th grade Masters) and use those questions.

Start End Topic
0m 10m Start with college bowl questions to warm up.* This is a good activity to start with in case some members are late.
10m 15m Discussion of practice plan and Q&A.
15m 35m Discuss a topic for the week.* This might be covering a few questions for a specific topic or challenging questions from that MIC’s individual test.
35m 40m Mental math and review.
40m 65m Team multiple choice and review.
65m 90m Team test and review.
90m 100m Relays and review.
100m 120m College bowl for remainder of time.

* If you would like to run in 90 minutes instead, you can cut these.