Our math club directly manages participation in this competition series. Learn more about the competition itself on their official web site.


The AMC 8 competition is designed for middle school students (up through 8th grade). We administer the exam, usually at RMS, and expect results around 6-8 weeks later. All math club members are encouraged to participate. For details on dates, locations, and registration, please see the competition schedule.

AMC 10

The AMC 10 covers math curriculum up through 10th grade. There are two separate exams, the AMC 10A and AMC 10B, which are traditionally held six days apart. Students may take either or both of these exams, and there is no prerequisite, such as the AMC 8. It’s common for advanced middle school students to participate in this very challenging round.

AIME and beyond

The AIME is an invitation-only exam available to the top performers of the AMC 10 exams. The bulk of competitors skews towards 12th grade, so it is extremely challenging for middle school students. Top performers from the AIME are invited to continue on to the USA Junior Math Olympiad.

Our club does not run AIME exams. You will need to find another provider.