RMS Math Club thrives thanks to its volunteer coaches.


Prospective coaches are expected to actively participate in running the club. This involves a few important commitments that require around 3 hours per week.

  1. Coaches prepare material for our weekly coaching sessions. This includes defining homework and classwork, as well as being intimately familiar with the solutions for those problems.

  2. Coaches lead our weekly coaching sessions. While the level of math proficiency and experience varies across rooms, all coaches need strong communication skills and mastery of middle school math topics. Coaches are usually paired so that the workload can be shared.

  3. Coaches develop questions for our internal exams. Each coach will be assigned a suggested set of topics to produce 8-10 questions designed to challenge our membership.

If you would like to volunteer to coach our sessions, please reach out to us at mathclubchair@rmsptsa.org.

Note that you will also need to be an LWSD approved volunteer.