Our math club directly manages participation in this competition series. Learn more about the competition itself on their official web site.

Math Is Cool Championships (Regionals)

Math Is Cool is an in-person competition that includes both individual and team rounds. The content is accessible to students of all skill levels, so everyone is encouraged to participate. The regional round is open to everyone in our membership.

Teams are made of up to four students from the same grade. These rounds are scored by taking the best round scores for any team from that school/grade. In other words, all teams from our club have the opportunity to raise our school’s overall score, and awards are presented to the entire grade from our school if we place highly enough.

Math Is Cool Masters

If our school performs well for a given grade in the regional competition we will be invited to send a team of four to represent that grade at the Masters competition. This team will be made up of the top four indivudual performers for that grade as ranked by the regional competition.

For details on dates, locations, and registration, please see the competition schedule.