While school is remote, all sessions will be held over Microsoft Teams and still require a parent proctor. You can sign up here.

Proctoring instructions for Microsoft Teams meetings

RMS Math Club activities at the school require parent proctor supervision.


Proctors do not need to participate in coaching or prepare material.

  1. Proctors need to be physically present in the room while students are present. This is a school requirement for our club.

  2. Proctors are responsible for enforcing respectful behavior by the students in their room. Students are expected to be respectful of the coaches and each other, keep the room neat, and stack chairs on the desks at the end of the session.

  3. Proctors turn off the lights and lock the doors at the end of the session.

Since each room requires a parent volunteer to be present the entire time, sessions may need to be cancelled if a volunteer has not signed up. Please use the shared sheet to sign up for slots.

Note that you will also need to be an LWSD approved volunteer.