We make extensive use of the Redmond Middle School PTSA portal to run the math club. The portal is an Office 365 solution, so there is great support for collaborating through the various Microsoft Office documents we use, as well as Microsoft Teams.

Student access

When a student is signed up for math club, their LWSD email address is added to the PTSA math club group as a guest account. This allows them to access our signup sheets, training materials, and coaching sessions hosted in Microsoft Teams. Students should not have any issues being able to access everything as soon as they are added because their LWSD accounts already have Microsoft accounts.

Parent access

In addition, the parent email address associated with their PTSA account is also added to the PTSA math club group. To access the resources, parents will need to sign in to the portal using the Microsoft account associated with that email.

Microsoft retail properties (hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com, etc.) automatically have associated Microsoft accounts. For other domains (gmail.com, yahoo.com, and everything else) you can create a Microsoft account. Just follow the process to Create a Microsoft account and use the email you want when registering. The whole process takes around 30 seconds.

After creating the Microsoft account, first visit the math club team page. It should ask you to sign in with the Microsoft account referenced above, after which you should be able to access our docs and Teams. This is a step that seems to be required in order for the portal to properly complete the guest provisioning process. If you try to go directly to a document link before the provisioning process completes for the first time, it may give you an unhelpful login error. Once you’re able to get to the portal page, you should be able to access resources using direct links moving forward.

If you would like to access the portal through a different email address, please let us know.