For general information about proctoring, please see this page. The steps and screenshots below are from the Microsoft Teams client on Windows 10. The process may vary slightly if you use a different interface.

  1. Make sure you can access our portal well ahead of the session. If not, see this page to learn how to set up your Microsoft account.

  2. Arrive in our Microsoft Teams channel by 3:15PM. You can use the same Microsoft account you use to log in to the Math Club portal.

  3. Click Meet to begin the meeting.

    Starting a Teams meeting

  4. In the meeting chat, post the message “Your name is proctoring.”

    Posting a Teams message

  5. Coaches will manage the session from 3:30. You don’t need to introduce them or wrap up the session. If no coaches have arrived by 3:30, you can post a message that the session has been cancelled.

  6. End the meeting by selecting End meeting from the Leave dropdown.

    Ending a Teams meeting