RMS Math Club membership is available to all students at Redmond Middle School. We provide coaching for students at every level of experience in order to foster an environment of skill development. Learn more about joining and the session schedule.


Math club members are expected to regularly attend our weekly coaching sessions in the RMS Commons. They are also expected to complete and bring their Math Club-assigned homework each week. There are no special performance expectations beyond participation. We recognize that every student develops at their own pace and try to provide a positive and productive experience for everyone.

Our coaching sessions are held across three days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday - Fundamentals

The focus of the Monday sessions is to focus on developing a better foundation in that week’s topic, such as triangle geometry, factorials, probability, and more. The homework assignment is a single 10-question “stretch” from our homework packet. Just do the best you can because coaches will go over all the questions for everyone.

Wednesday - Competition Training

The focus of the Wednesday sessions is to prepare students to tackle challenging competition problems. The homework due at each Wednesday session is from a past competition. Given the challenge of these problems, it’s expected that members will struggle with some/most of the questions. As a result, the homework is to attempt the assignment so that they have familiarity with the more challenging questions and can get more out of the coaching.

Friday - Various Activities

Friday sessions will vary from week to week and may not be held every week. These sessions will range from internal exams to mock competitions to gaming parties and more. Please check your email and the session schedule page for the latest details.

Competitions & Teams

All students are encouraged–but not required–to participate in all eligible competitions. Parents are responsible for forming teams, which are usually restricted to up to four students from the same grade. Exact rules vary, so be sure to read the emails and check the schedule and competition site. Use the signup spreadsheet to coordinate with other members/parents in forming teams on a per-competition basis.

Parent Proctors

We are required to staff each room with a parent proctor for the duration of each math club meeting. Please see the parent proctor page for details.