While school is remote, coaching sessions will be held on our Microsoft Teams channel from 3-4PM on the days scheduled below. Proctors must arrive 15 minutes ahead to start the meeting.

The homework packet may be downloaded here. Assignments for the Homework sessions come from this packet. It is expected that all members will attempt to complete the assignment for the week. It will be covered completely in the Homework session.

Club and Varsity sessions will provide links to their homework below, if assigned for the week. These assignments should be published here at least two weeks ahead of the session, so please check back weekly. It is expected that all members will attempt to complete the assignment for the week, if assigned. It will be covered selectively in their respective sessions, so please request questions in the session as needed.

The Mathcounts Toolkit be downloaded here.

Cancelled sessions are in italics. If a session is cancelled via email, then that takes precedence over this schedule.

Week Of Homework (Mon) Club (Wed) Varsity (Fri)
12-Oct Systems of Equations 2019 AMC 8 No school
19-Oct Right Triangles 2018 AMC 8  
26-Oct Probability 2017 AMC 8  
2-Nov Fractions 2015 AMC 8  
9-Nov Area No school  
16-Nov Patterns    
23-Nov Work   No school
30-Nov Similarity    
7-Dec Logic    
14-Dec Counting    
4-Jan Coordinate Geometry    
11-Jan Pascal’s Triangle    
18-Jan No school   Mathcounts
25-Jan Sequences    
1-Feb Clocks    
8-Feb Statistics   No school
15-Feb No school    
22-Feb Travel    
1-Mar Angles and Arcs    
8-Mar Ratios   No school
15-Mar Mixture    
22-Mar Surface Area & Volume    
29-Mar Bases    
5-Apr No school No school No school
12-Apr Measurement    
19-Apr Mass Point Geometry    
26-Apr Venn Diagrams    
3-May Functions    
10-May Geometric Proportions    
17-May Expected Value    
24-May Modular Arithmetic   No school

2019-2020 schedule